More Ghost Than Man’s The Courage To Lie To A Dying Man

More Ghost Than Man's first single from his black music box of peculiar delights.

Too deep for casual listening, too interest to leave in the background, Terry Grant’s LP under his “More Ghost Than Man” alias is something I’ve turned to dozens of times (iTunes says 21 but I don’t trust it) since I was turned on to this black music box of peculiar delights last year. This is a single from the More Ghost Than Man album, which would have surprised me because every time I listen I discover more and more things beaten into the fabric of MGTM’s tracks than I remember hearing before. This is not an unloved sound – the audience for eclectic, electronic music made with a pack rat’s sensibilities has probably never been larger, but the intimacy of these tracks makes me feel like they are mine alone.

Drum breaks are scattered like dot matrix print art across “The Courage To Lie To A Dying Man,” forming the bedrock for the various synth waves, piano chords and various sounds and effects Terry has scavenged from the scrap pile and kept safe and secure until called upon. Haunting voices bounce off the boundary code, denting the edges and leaving jagged pock marks dragged along the file’s edge.

Can Terry do this live? I know people who would pay good money to see him if he can. Me among them.

More Ghost Than Man: The Courage To Lie To A Dying Man (Westerns With The Sound Off)
1. More Ghost Than Man: The Courage To Lie To A Dying Man (03:04)
2. More Ghost Than Man: The Courage To Lie To A Dying Man (Makeup and Vanity Set remix) (03:31)
3. More Ghost Than Man: Trust The Physician (04:10)


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