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The Meaning Is In The Title: Rick Wade: Defining Deep (Harmonie...

When Rick Wade keeps a record to himself and sets it aside for the Harmonie Park catalog, you know it's gonna be dangerous. The...

Rick Wade: 5 Magazine’s New Mix Monday #165

This week, we're very proud to present an exclusive mix from Detroit Deep House master and Harmonie Park's own Rick Wade. Rick has been on...

Sir Rick: The Neverending Reflections of Rick Wade

Detroit producer Rick Wade has been a fixture of the Deep House scene since the early 1990s. Long considered an underground hero - one...

Rick Wade: Neverending Reflections LP

Rick Wade began 2012 with a great collaboration that is right up my alley called Neverending Reflections on Harmonie Park. Yes, there is much...


We Lost a Giant of a Man: Phuture’s Earl Smith, Jr

Earl Smith, Jr.'s obituary will mention his role in the creation of Acid House. We remember him for so much more.

Cz’s Boogie Episode 4 Podcast

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Mateo & Matos: A 5 Mag Mix #28