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Golf Clap at Primary – October 18 2014

Saturday October 18, 2014, Primary Presents Golf Clap, Strange Fruit, Derek Specs and Happyghost Golf Clap https://www.facebook.com/golfclapdet https://soundcloud.com/golfclapdet https://twitter.com/golfclapdet Strange Fruit http://strangefruitofficial.com/ Derek Specs https://www.facebook.com/derekspecsmusic http://twitter.com/derekspecs https://soundcloud.com/derekspecs   Venue: Primary Night Club 5 W. Division Street Chicago, IL http://www.primarychi.com/ Tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/682403-golf-clap-chicago/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/320663928112568/ GOLF...

The Pool House at Primary – October 26 2014

The Pool House Records and Primary Presents invite you to The "Haunted" House CXXVIII feat. Butch, Bisharat, Jordan Bernardo and Happyghost BUTCH (Otherside | Hot Creations...

The Pool House at Primary with Sharam Jey – November 9...

November 9, 2014, The Pool House Records and Primary Presents invite you to The Pool House CXXX feat. Sharam Jey and The Pool House...

MANIK at Primary – November 21 2014

Friday, November 21 2014, Primary Presents Manik + Mia Wallace + Happyghost MANIK (aka Chris Manik//Culture Fires) is a New York City born and bred...

Residents Night at Primary – December 5 2014

Primary presents Round 1 of our residents being announced. Most of these names you see on our line ups. These are some of the...


We Lost a Giant of a Man: Phuture’s Earl Smith, Jr

Earl Smith, Jr.'s obituary will mention his role in the creation of Acid House. We remember him for so much more.

Cz’s Boogie Episode 4 Podcast

mateo and matos

Mateo & Matos: A 5 Mag Mix #28