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For Frankie: Smart Bar Announces a Massive All-Building Event

January would have marked Frankie Knuckles' 61st birthday. As one of what is rumored to be a series of commemorations, Smart Bar has announced...

David Morales Remembers Frankie Knuckles

Top and Cover Photo: Gavin Mills IT WAS EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO that hundreds of people were packed inside SmartBar in anticipation of Frankie Knuckles'...

Remembering Frankie. 5 Magazine’s January 2015 Issue

Welcome to 2015 and Issue #114 of 5 Magazine. This month, we remember Frankie Knuckles on what would have been his 60th birthday with David...

SmartBar Announces Frankie Knuckles Tribute

SmartBar has revealed the line-up for a January 18, 2014 event in tribute to the late Frankie Knuckles. FOR FRANKIE! is presented by Queen! (the...

Marques Wyatt: The 5 Magazine Interview

IT MAY BE THE center of the entertainment industry, but Los Angeles seems like the edge of the world when it comes to House...

Queen! at SmartBar – May 24 2015

Def Mix joins with Queen! to welcome special guest David Morales with Queen! residents Michael Serafini and Garrett David.   Venue SmartBar 3730 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL Open:...


We Lost a Giant of a Man: Phuture’s Earl Smith, Jr

Earl Smith, Jr.'s obituary will mention his role in the creation of Acid House. We remember him for so much more.

Cz’s Boogie Episode 4 Podcast

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Mateo & Matos: A 5 Mag Mix #28