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What’s inside Issue #138?

On The Cover

Pezzner. Words like “genius” get thrown around by bloggers the way teenagers use the word “love.” But words like “genius” absolutely apply to Dave Pezzner. With his third album Title Track, Pezzner has made a claim on being one of the most innovative, most interesting and most versatile producers in electronic music. Humble and unassuming in person, give him a good idea and a few hours in a studio and he’ll make you dance or he’ll make you weep, or maybe he’ll make you do both at the same time.

Also In This Issue

The Phuture Belongs To Him: Remembering Phuture co-founder Earl Smith, Jr. – a man that the the “future” will acknowledge as one of the greatest musical figures of our time.

Oktave. Jeff Derringer celebrates seven years of playing Techno in a House town.

Boorane: A 5 Mag Mix. Boora and Krane are the Russian production duo Boorane and contribute our 30th 5 Mag Mix + interview.

Jay Hill: A 5 Mag Mix. The second 5 Mag Mix in this issue – #31 overall – with Philadelphia DJ/producer Jay Hill.

Tim Zawada (Tugboat Edits, Star Creature) mixes our Chicago-centric podcast series The 312 with half of a cosmic workout cassette tape set.

New Releases. New music and reissues from Pepe Bradock, Allovers, South African Synth Disco, Donnie Tempo on Perpetual Rhythms, EKO, Fibre, Jordan Fields, Deep88, Giles Dickerson, Ed-Nine, Thomas Barnett, Hoshin, John Morales on Quantize, More Ghost Than Man, Danny Krivit, SURVIVE, Taped Artifact, Tycho, Vick Lavender and more.


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