Synthetic at Smartbar – September 8 2016

    [ synthetic ] with…
    Michael Serafini / Sassmouth / Boy Alberto / B-SIDE

    “[ synthetic ] is a dark dance concept founded, by [ LUV.N.MUZIK ], in 2008. Our brand envelopes 80’s influenced dark dance music. We pull influence from originating genres including industrial, goth, synth pop, italo, electro, new beat and the likes. However, we are not restricted to these sub-genres. We play dark dance music, period. We aim to deliver music that moves people. Music is power. Music is knowledge. We commit to deliverance…”
    -bOY aLBERTO [ Senior Resident ]

    +[ sin-thetic ] adj. 1. dark dance music, i.e. nu wave, minimal synth, electro, industrial, acid, italo, ebm, etc. 2. Of [LUV.N.MUZIK] origin. 3. A monthly SmartBar event.

    +We are a concept / a Chicago staple / a collective of fancy deejays filled with dARK dANCE music. Residents of [ SYNTHETIC ] play throughout Chicago to deliver the musical punch that is [ SYNTHETIC ].


    3730 N. Clark Street
    Chicago, IL
    21 & Over / 10PM

    FREE / 21 & Over / 10PM


    House Music magazine publishing for more than 12 years from Chicago, covering Deep House, Soulful House, Techno, Synth, Disco and every flavor of underground electronic music.


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