Smart Bar Announces A Love What You Feel Showcase

    We write about these guys. A lot. There’s a good reason for it: Santiago Salazar, Pittsburgh Track Authority and Noleian Reusse are individually three of the most inspiring acts going today. They release a shit-tonnage of good music, and they do it for the right reasons.

    That they’re linking up in interesting configurations (Santiago Salazar’s remarkable album, Chicanismo, was released by Pittsburgh Track Authority’s Love What You Feel; Reusse appeared at the Pittsburgh residency Hot Mass just a week ago) is good news; better is that Smart Bar is bringing them together for a night devoted to the aforementioned Love What You Feel record label, on January 8.

    Early bird tickets are on sale now for $8.99 via



    3730 N. Clark Street
    Chicago, IL 60611



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