Tony Humphries Anchors Pride Weekend at Smartbar

    New Jersey House Music legend Tony Humphries is back in Chicago this weekend for Queen’s pride kick off and to anchor Queen’s pride weekend.

    We have an interview with Tony coming up for you this week, but suffice to say he’s thrilled to be here (he spontaneously offered, without being prompted, that Smartbar was a club he loved so much as a guest that he’d love to be a resident there.) The full line-up for this weekend:

    Friday, June 24
    Queen Pride Kickoff with Tony Humphries, Michael Serafini, Garrett David (tix)

    Saturday, June 25
    Honcho + Horse Meat Disco (tix)

    Sunday, June 26
    Queen! Pride with Derrick Carter, Michael Serafini and Garrett David, hosts Lucy Stoole, Jojo Baby, Sal-E, Shea Coulee, Khloe, Beverly Lately, London Adour and Blew Velvet. ($10)



    3730 N. Clark Street
    Chicago, IL
    Doors: 10pm

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    1. […] We had a brief chat about what’s happening in the world of Tony Humphries – from playing with Louie Vega and David Morales as the Kings of House to forging new alliances with labels like Running Back and Soul Clap – ahead of Tony’s return to Smartbar this coming Friday June 24 2016 as part of Queen’s Pride kick off. […]

    2. […] “I guess kids and people in general need love and happiness, so they try our party and go home with a smile and a feelgood vibe.” That’s from Severino, one of four resident DJs from the UK’s Horse Meat Disco party. The boys will be playing this Saturday June 25 with Pittsburgh’s Honcho party residents as part of Smartbar’s Pride weekend. […]


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