This is not fine: July 7 2017 at Smartbar

    Friday, July 7th, 2017:
    This is not fine with smartbar residents…

    Eris Drew (Hugo Ball)
    Jeff Derringer (Oktave)
    Justin Long (Hugo Ball, The Soft Machine)
    Michael Serafini (Queen)
    Savile (Service)
    Sevron (Hugo Ball)
    SOLD (Hugo Ball)

    The days pass and more people continue to see their lives made increasingly difficult at the hands of greed and callousness. We look to each other for solidarity and companionship – for respite and inspiration. Many of us find these bonds on the dance floor, where we are able to embrace each other as co-conspirators against oppression, as brothers and sisters in humanity. Our dance is political. As we dive deeper into this brave new world, it is important for us to remember: this is not fine.


    3730 N. Clark Street
    Chicago, IL
    21 & Over / 10pm-late

    $15 (All proceeds will be donated to ACLU)


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