Interdimensional Transmissions: November 5 2016 at Smartbar

    November 5 2016, Smartbar presents Interdimensional Transmissions with Ectomorph [Live] (Interdimensional Transmissions | Detroit), Erika [DJ Set] (Interdimensional Transmissions | Detroit), Israel Vines [Hybrid Set] (Eye Teeth | LA) and Beau Wanzer [DJ Set] (L.I.E.S., Nation, Cititrax | Chicago)

    “We are trying to create a ritual space for personal exploration, to release basic tension. The form that society is forcing you to hold, you can release that. It lets you experience that yourself, as yourself, raw, and to connect to the music and reconnect to life. At a place removed from time. The amorphous space, the cave like atmosphere. This ancient psychedelic ritual, that removes you from the loop of the earth, it removes you from time.
    — BMG”


    3730 N. Clark Street
    Chicago, IL

    $5 Before Midnight with valid student ID
    $12 Advance, $15 before midnight, $20 After
    21 & Over / 10PM


    House Music magazine publishing for more than 12 years from Chicago, covering Deep House, Soulful House, Techno, Synth, Disco and every flavor of underground electronic music.


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