Cz’s Birthday Boogie with Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler

    Andy Butler of the dance music collective Hercules & Love Affair will be blessing Primary Nightclub’s dancefloor with a special DJ set on Saturday, September 24th. Getting the name of his group from his interest in Grecian and Roman mythology, it’s Andy’s ongoing musical project featuring a rotating cast of talented musicians that is eclectic, vibrant and very groovalliciously disco-oriented.

    Joining him will be Gramaphone Records’ Michael Serafini, Andrew Emil and the birthday girl herself Czboogie. Expect lots of hardcore househeads, industry friends and some dancers thrown in the mix. Shots and a supposed piñata are also on the menu.

    Cz’s Bday Boogie, Saturday, Sept. 24th at Primary Nightclub (5 W. Division), 10pm-5am.


    5 W. Division Street
    Chicago, IL


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