The Apple Store in conjunction with 5 Magazine present a special talk with PHUTURE on the creation and rise of Acid House Music.

Acid House revolutionized dance music worldwide, but it was a sound created in Chicago, and created specifically by the group Phuture. Within a few years of the release of their seminal record Acid Tracks, the squelchy acid sound of the TB-303 became the dominant (and sometimes ominous) sound which found an immediate affinity with a new generation of European youth and music fanatics.

Electronic music would never again be the same.

Original members of Phuture DJ Pierre and Spanky will talk about the creation of the Acid House sound, its reception in Chicago and worldwide, the moral panic associated with the music that swept through the United Kingdom, and why we still love it three decades later.

This event will be moderated by Czarina Mirani and Terry Matthew of 5 Magazine.



North Michigan Avenue Apple Store
679 N. Michigan Avenue,
Chicago, IL