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Frankie and Barbara

Still nowhere near finishing my articles, I meet up with everyone for Frankie Knuckles’ party at House of Blues: Robert Williams, Lugo, Ojay, Willie Wills, and Doug and his crazy friend Judson from New York. He’s a super tall skinny white boy with makeup, girls’ clothes, and an allover asymmetrical look going (a different earring on each ear, a different shoe on each foot…) I am drawn to this party freak immediately. While running around trying to figure out the weird booth/VIP area, a few people stop me and thank me. It’s been like that lately, random strangers thanking me for having the magazine and helping the community. Encounters like that make all the hassle worth it :)

Frankie was amazing as usual, and the vibe on the dance floor was love. Lady Bunny from New York is a hysterical opening act, and Barbara Tucker and her singers threw an AWESOME show. When I brought her here last December I was so stressed out about my party and my dancers and taking care of her that I couldn’t even watch her show. She is a true performer. She kept talking about loving yourself and forgetting men, and Doug and I screamed HALLELUJAH!!!

PS: Good seeing you again, Anthony! I need my dance floor divas to keep me motivated!