DJs put your arms up in the air!

I personally have never seen this phenomenon live, but I always see pictures of these DOUCHEBAG DJS doing the arms-up-in-the-air thing. Who the hell does that?? Is the song that dope that you have to cheer yourself on? Now if you’re a patron on the dancefloor and you hear your jam, then yes I can understand the automatic fist pump reaction…but if the DJ does that he may as well just give himself a high five while he’s at it.

Jersey Shore Douche

C’mon Everybody Douche

Wing-span-religious-leader-feeling Douche

Working out with Terry Hunter

So I have this friend called Don Myles, who not only is a dope ass DJ, but he’s also been a personal trainer for many many years. He works at XSport Fitness (These are 24 hours gyms all over the country), and organizes these monthly bootcamps complete with DJs, free food and door prizes! So guess who’s spinning at the next one? ME! I’m so excited about this because it’s going to be a blast!

Come to Xsport Fitness on Tuesday November 30th for their kickass bootcamp! It’s FREE and open to the public, you can come solo or bring your friends! Just click attending on the event invite and you’re good to go!

We are asking for those that can make donations (clothing, canned goods, etc.) to do so at the event. This is to aid Aunt Martha’s, which provides housing and shelter to young women in need. This is a great charity so by attending you’re really killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Don is Terry Hunter’s personal trainer, so he asked me to join them in a session so I could get a little taste of what it was like. He first off gave me a tour of the MASSIVE GINORMOUS gym, which is the biggest XSport in Chicago. It’s like a giant playground for adults.

Since Terry was late (this is normal apparently even though he only lives around the corner), he started me off with drills involving ropes, bars, and cool shit with names I didn’t know. In just a few minutes my arms were already burning. (The pull-up exercises with the bands were awesomely strengthening and ouchy.) Then Terry came and we all did boxing drills which were hella fun and great practice for when someone looks at you funny at the club. All I can say is, I wouldn’t want to see anyone try and step to Don or Terry, because they will *smash* you.

Hopefully I’ll get to come back next week and try some more fun shit, I can really see how your body and strength will change. I guess for the bootcamp most of the gym will be utilized with multiple training stations and multiple trainers with DJs in different stations. Talk about recreating the nightclub experience in a gym! You all would be silly to miss this bootcamp! Sign up now! Thanks Don!

All female DJ lineup at Tigers

This past Thursday was an all-female DJ lineup at Tiger O’Stylies with Foxxo, Feline and myself. Good times, great energy and a packed dancefloor!

Spinning at Tigers

Czboogie, Feline & Foxxo at Tigers

Nathan G, Justin Long, Tortured Soul & Mark Farina…

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Thursday night at our weekly residency URBAN’S HOUSE we were treated to not one but two headliners: Justin Long and a last minute House music superstar all the way from Melbourne Australia: Nathan G! I remember loving his song “88 Keys to Love” out on Salted Music, and now he’s doing stuff for Jeff Craven’s Large Music.

Saturday night we went to check out our friends, the House music band Tortured Soul over at the Double Door. Afterwards we went over to Smartbar to see the always endearing Mark Farina. The DJ booth was ridiculously crowded, and people were going nuts in there.

Sunday night it was my girl Leean’s birthday party at Tiny Lounge and I got to spin some nice laid back, downtempo, non-House stuff for a change. Joining me were Itch 13, Steve Melvage and Sean Hernandez. When that set was done we headed over once again to Smartbar to check out JKriv from Tortured Soul’s disco set.

Check out Nathan G here in this short little vid:

Halloween fiestas w/ the Hot Mix 5 members, Ten City Reunion, and so much more!

This past Thursday through Monday has been an awesome and exhausting whirlwind of parties…but I feel real blessed because I got to do 3 things I really enjoy!!! I hosted our URBAN’S HOUSE Hot Mix Halloween party at Betty’s with original Hot Mix 5 member Kenny Jammin’ Jason, then the next day got to host another party at Neo with yet another Hot Mix 5 original member: Farley Jackmaster Funk!

Saturday I was way too spent and exhausted, so I had to miss the Frankie Knuckles and Sneak party which I really wanted to go to.

Sunday night me and my brother from another mother Carlos had the honor of dancing at the Ten City Reunion party at Alhambra Palace. We danced for Mina Jackson, and afterwards Ten City came on in all its full 13-piece band glory complete w/ 4 superstar backup singers, 2 violinists, a bassist, lead guitarist, sax player, drummer, bongo player, keyboardist and lead singer! Byron Stingily is simply amazing, he is so majestic and commanding in his presence…and oh my Lord that voice!!! I really hope they do it again.

Monday night I was guest DJ at Mingle Mondays at Crocodile Lounge, and thank you to all my awesome friends who despite a very long party weekend still came out to show some love…a big hug and thank you to them!!! :)