Paul Johnson Benefit at SmartBar

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Here’s some footage of the recent benefit we put together for Paul Johnson at SmartBar. It was a truly amazing and unforgettable night… everybody came out to celebrate the genius that is House music legend Paul Johnson. We had featured guests Farley Jackmaster Funk, Stacy Kidd, Glenn Underground, Gant-Man, Eric Martin, Melvin Meeks, RaShaan Houston and Rees Urban and myself as residents.

See for yourself! Chicago holds it down!!!

Masturbating with the Mixer

“Surgeon House”, “Bullhorns”, “DJ Aerobics”, “Fader Wanking”. What the hell is going on here??? I’ve never been a big fan of DJs abusing the mixer, getting all worked up like they’re doing something. People dance to the SONG…not to the filters, not to the nonstop dropping of the bass/mids/highs….for God’s sake get your paws off the mixer and let the record BREATHE!

I was forever traumatized by the great maestro Timmy Regisford when I would hear him play at the Shelter. I loved that party to death, but Timmy sure had me pulling out my hair when he would fuck with that mixer to the point of making the song unrecognizable.

Someone said to me “They are manipulating the sound!” A little bit, fine. A LOTTA BIT….NO FINE.

This is just MY OPINION, so DJs that do this please don’t get all bent out of shape. To me it looks gratuitous, masturbatory and completely self-indulgent. All you’re doing is generating another big repair bill for the club when they have to take in that fucked up mixer.

Give credit that the song by itself can move a dancefloor without your spastic finger dances. If you want to put on a show, spare our ears and our patience, take your hands off the mixer and go wank off in the bathroom.

5 Mag Holiday Party w/ the Fivestarboogie Dancers, RaShaan Houston, Rees Urban & Czboogie!

Friday night was our 5 Magazine Holiday party with my crew the Fivestarboogie Dancers, singer/host RaShaan Houston and Rees and I tag-teaming (but really it was mostly Rees all night since I was busy running around getting ready for the show.) The venue was Haven, a really nice club/lounge downtown with a chill atmosphere.

RaShaan was a great host, and looking fantastic in his special occasion Roberto Cavalli jacket. He was also a tad bit tipsy at the onset so I knew we were in for a ride. I love tipsy hosts because I am one myself. I pointed out a group of bougie birthday people who were too lazy to get up and move for our show, so I asked him to fuck with them and he happily obliged.

After much running around, we finally start the show at 12:45am. We did our little number, (schoolgirls seduce the principal with ‘Baddest Bitch’, a Carlos House solo, a wee bit of Hip-Hop, a vogueing piece to the song ‘Cunt’ since our crew was Queen-packed that night, and a ‘Sing Sing Sing’ finale.) then RaShaan served it to us singing one of his hit songs Build That Bridge.

I love having parties with my dancers around because they make it 500% better! Not only because they are family, but because they all love to clown, dance and liven up a party. Oh and speaking of livening up parties, we almost had a star appearance because Erykah Badu was in town and her and her manager were contemplating stopping through. Didn’t happen, but would have been a nice touch!

All in all a GREAT party, great people, I’m so grateful to all the friends that stopped by and celebrated with us. Now that’s love! :)

Party Flier

Rees Urban


Dance familia!!!

Baddest Bitch Dance

David vogueing

RaShaan Houston

Party time!


Tuesday night was the bootcamp I had talked about spinning a few blog entries ago. Needless to say, it was AWESOME! There were actually 3 DJ stations spread throughout the gym, and what they did was break people up into groups that rotated through different trainers and stations. There was a jumprope class prior to the official bootcamp, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack just watching them go through 30 minutes of nonstop jumping! Everything looked like so much fun though, and it was really cool to see your nightclub friends in a whole different setting.

Big ups to Don Myles for putting this all together, and to the whole XSport crew for making working out a really fun experience. These bootcamps happen every month, so for those in Chicago who missed it, make sure you get yourselves to the next one pronto!!!

Don Myles beating it! Go Don!!

The killer jumprope class!

Another station...more ropes!

Czboogie with Rees in the back

Lil Louis stopped by to say hi!

Tonka, Linda, Angie and Kevin

After the bootcamp my party buddy Sexy Angie brought us both pants that said Sexy on them, so for the next 30 minutes we proceeded to take multiple butt pictures until we found one that didn’t make us look too crazy.

Sexy Angie, Terry Hunter and me. We tried!

Spinning for GoGo Boys & hanging with CeCe Peniston

With all the cool gigs I’ve been getting spinning, this one probably had to be one of the most fun and least stressful ones. This past Saturday I got to spin at the well known Boystown spot called Cocktail. On Saturdays they have female DJs and by luck one of their regulars (Carla Starla) wasn’t in town so I got to sub her spot from 11pm-3am. The DJ booth has been now set up to be slightly behind the stage, so all night I got full view of the GoGo boys doing their money-making dances. (not a hard job.) The irony is that I’ve worked with 2 of them on actual professional dancing gigs, so really it felt like working with friends.

The other awesome thing was that a whole gangload of friends of mine who don’t usually come to the regular parties I promote actually came out because of the venue. There is nothing like seeing your friends out in the crowd supporting you and dancing to your music, and for that I am so thankful.

After Cocktail a bunch of us head out to the southside to catch CeCe Peniston. Although we missed her performance we still got to chat and hang with her for a little. I’ve had the honor of knowing CeCe when I interviewed her for a cover story 4 years ago, and I got to choreograph for her live show at Vision using my dancers. She is not only beautiful, but she is so kind and gracious with everyone.

After the cops came and shut the party down, we all stumble back into the car and head home to listen to music, swing around the stripper pole, drink and talk each other’s ears off. I love my dancer friends they’re the best :)

Czboogie at Cocktail

Lyrik, Eddie, Dominic, Jade, Carlos and Jarret at Cocktail

Jarret, Bill, me, Carlos, CeCe Peniston, George Jackson and RaShaan Houston