Help support the arts in Chicago…drink a Pepsi!

“Politicians don’t bring people together. Artists do.”
-Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago


From high school through college and up until about 8 years ago, acting was my profession and pretty much my life.  Movies, commercials, industrials and of course…theater.  Like every struggling actor trying to make a name for themselves, building up their resumes and doing what they love, I immersed myself in every production I could audition myself into.  One very meaningful experience I had was with a theater collective called COLLABORACTION.  I remember performing in their annual Sketchbook production at the Chopin Theater and loved how they combined theater, music, visual arts and video. They even had House music DJs! (I think that’s when I first met Brian Gardner.)  Clowns. Dancers.  Inspired, creative people that I formed lasting friendships with.  The beautiful couple that ran Collaboraction (Anthony Moseley and Sandra Delgado) even had a House night to go with their ventures! They definitely won cool points with me :)

So fast forward several years later, and Collaboraction is still an immense artistic force to be dealt with.  Recently Sandra reached out to me and told me how they are in the running to win a $50,000 grant from Pepsi to start their new youth program called Sketchbook Jr. as well as to finish building their new home at the Flat Iron Building in Wicker Park.  Their ultimate goal for this space is to create an artistic community center.



1) People can vote TWICE A DAY through June:


TEXT PEPSI aka 73774 and enter code 107023


2) Save the bottle caps from any Pepsi drinks. These caps are VALUABLE. On the inside of caps is a code aka “POWER VOTE” that is worth 5-100 votes. They desperately need these. People can enter the code themselves or can email it to


This contest runs through June.  Currently they are ranked at #52 and need to reach the Top 10 to be eligible. So save those bottlecaps, text 2x a day through June, and let’s bring this money home to Chicago! Let’s help create JOBS for teaching artists and nurture our youth in the ARTS!