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Sweet soulful melodies courtesy of God, hard work and Joi Cardwell's heavenly voice.
Anthony Nicholson releases a record of twitchy, synth-driven dance that owes much to House Music's Italo, New Wave and Krautrock roots.
Marquis Hawkes makes records that sound great and they'll keep sounding great tomorrow, next week and on through the years, over and over and over again.
Yet another classic Louie Vega disco remix.
Chicago scene fixture Chad Sommer releases a deep banger on DJ Frique's Lea Music.
Built brick by brick largely from his own recordings, Patrice Scott returns to Sistrum with a 3 track EP.
Stone cold monster of a release featuring John Vermont and two sterling remixes from Ian Pooley.
Mano Le Tough, David Holmes and especially Matthew Herbert remix tracks from Phil Kieran's Blinded By the Sun album.
More than 25 minutes of boogie, precision-tooled for DJs and the bin scavengers from Jamie 3:26.
Gloriously hypnotic, SCS07 shows why Secret Studio is your favorite label's favorite label.
Soul tracks with a message from DJ Spen's Quantize Recordings.
Looking for real heat? It's right here, with Ant LaRock's fantastic "The Question" featuring Zhao on Dopewax.

Roman: P A L M S

Fragments of songs, or fragments of songs mixed up, manipulated, fucked with on Roman's P A L M S album from Colosseum Records.
The new version of "See," after debuting at Coachella, should be regarded as the definitive version of this beautiful track.
Spectacular retro vibes that get better and better with every Marvel 83' release.
A beat track and pure percussion delight in a new original track from Mark Farina.
Detroit Underground's back catalog is large enough to feed a 24/7 radio station and diverse enough that you'd never get bored.
Nona is a national treasure. Increasingly, so are Soul Clap.
Fascinating set of tracks from Alton Miller.
The economy could crash, Mount Etna could erupt and there would still be an unending flow of exceptional, eclectic Disco emerging out of Italy.


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