Change Request

Four Play Sessions is a mix series from Chicago’s Four Play Music and featuring the talents of Mr. Andrew Emil & Friends, published each month exclusively for 5 Magazine.

Change Request is the new project from Four Play Music’s Andrew Emil. Under the Change Request moniker, Andrew released the Change Theory EP in December and is preparing Planet Earth for the full length LP Tangible Illusion on Seasons Recordings in Spring 2013. For booking inquiries around his Spring tour in support of Tangible Illusion, contact APT Entertainment.

So, what exactly is Change Request? It is simply a compilation that consists of an innovative amalgamation of Emil’s impressive range of musical influences. His latest and greatest incarnation of his musical chameleon self. Change Request is a still evolving project that has been a long time in the making. As Emil has honed and fine-tuned his ear and his technical skills via a multitude of professional composition projects ranging from orchestral and film, to TV and varying genres of electronic music (most notably, Chicago house), he has allowed the concept of Change Request to develop organically in his mind.

At the root of it all is Emil’s longtime passion for Rhythm and Blues. His ultimate vision for Change Request is to use it as an avenue for his own personal reworking of one of his most revered musical genres. Put simply, he wants to revolutionize his beloved R&B by augmenting it with the best qualities of his other true love: house music. With Change Request, Emil intends to create Rhythm and Blues music that is as danceable as it is introspective–a contemporary extension of R&B that tells cultural urban stories through subtle, dance-inducing sounds. Emil isn’t out to create your father’s Rhythm and Blues… so stay tuned–change is just around the corner. –Aranya Tomseth

You can contact Andrew via: | Facebook | Twitter | Four Play Music on Facebook

Past sets from Four Play Music Sessions are available here.


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