New Mix Monday: Siler & Dima
This Entire Scene Was Frankie's Dance Floor: Frankie Knuckles, 1955-2014
Joey Negro Exclusive Mix: Live at Goldfish in Sydney.

Siler and Dima mix New Mix Monday vol 195

Meet Parisian youngbloods Siler & Dima, a production and DJ duo we're proud to introduce to Chicago in this week's House Music guest mix. listen/download »

Amir Alexander's Stardust Kisses EP

Representing the best EP Chicago's Amir Alexander has done yet, on black wax from Vanguard Sound.



Japanese DJ ATTA takes over this week's SLAPCAST, the Slap Jaxx Podcast techno mix series curated by Chicago's Angel Alanis for 5 Magazine.

How I Play: Steven Tang

From Hong Kong to Chicago to Berlin: Emphasis Recordings' Steven Tang shares his thoughts on the culture and craft of DJing.


AFFKT: Sincopat 21

"We Are Safe" and "Therapy" are not so hipster it hurts.

Giorgio Luceri's Liger EP

Another exceptional EP from the analog savant, this one from Spanish label SAFT and featuring a remix from Chicago's Gene Hunt.


3 Degrees Global Spotlight Ep. 1 - mixed by bigSEXY

Announcing the launch of our next monthly mix series, this one curated from Chicago's renown DJ collective, 3 Degrees Global - listen/download »

This Entire Scene Was Frankie's Dance Floor

Remembering Frankie Knuckles, 1955-2014.


Breaking: Frankie Knuckles Has Passed Away

We received confirmation this evening from people close to him that Frankie Knuckles, universally regarded as the Godfather of House Music, has died.


Joey Negro: How I Play

5 Magazine speaks with the dance music legend on the culture and craft of DJing: How he began, how he works, and how he plays.


TuSabés: New Mix Monday vol 194

Hey that guy looks familiar... TuSabés, the new musical guise of Nate Seider aka Nate Manic, brings that loft-y feeling to 5 Magazine's weekly mix series.


The Meaning Is In The Title: Rick Wade: Defining Deep

The confusion over what "Deep House" means is not accidental: as Upton Sinclair wrote a century ago, "It's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."


What Do You Know About Rodney Bakerr?

Never formally released to begin with, his RH019 (The Lost Tracks) is one of the top re-issues of 2013.


The Day Dance Mania Took Over Boiler Room

Complete video and audio of Deeon, Jammin Gerald, Gant-Man and Robert Armani at the Dance Mania at Boiler Room Chicago event held on February 25, 2014